Dalian Auto

Company Profile

    亚博app 官网_亚博网_亚博体育下载appios-Tech Incorporated Corporation (亚博app 官网_亚博网_亚博体育下载appios) is located in the Hi-Tech Industrial Zone of Dalian, China (Former 亚博app 官网_亚博网_亚博体育下载appiosmobile Technology Co., Ltd). 亚博app 官网_亚博网_亚博体育下载appios was founded in October 1990, as a high tech company specializing mainly in BIW planning、design、manufacture and integration.

    Dalian is located in the most southern area of northeast china. It is an important port city which combines trading、industry and tourism. Dalian is also the main Chinese hub for equipment manufacturing. The Hi-Tech Industrial Zone is the mostsignificant industrial zone since China’s reform and opening-up policy was carried out. Favorable geographic location and enormous room for growth accelerate the pace of our global development. In order to foster future growth and diversification, 亚博app 官网_亚博网_亚博体育下载appios has invested in two companies, 亚博app 官网_亚博网_亚博体育下载appios Industry-automation Equipment Co., Ltd and 亚博app 官网_亚博网_亚博体育下载appios Cloud Technology Co., Ltd. 亚博app 官网_亚博网_亚博体育下载appios also has branch offices in Beijing, Changchun and Nanjing etc. and subsidiaries in USA, Germany and Japan etc.

    Along with positivedevelopmentsinthe vehicle industry in China, 亚博app 官网_亚博网_亚博体育下载appios has established comprehensive and close cooperating relationship with many major automobile manufacturers around the world, such as Korea、Japan、USA、Germany、India etc. We have more than twenty years of experience in BIW design, manufacture and integration. In China, 亚博app 官网_亚博网_亚博体育下载appios is one of the leading companies in its field. It covers the area of 120,000 ㎡, including A and B districts in Longtou with floor area of 70,000 ㎡ , and a 20,000 ㎡ plant on Xinda Street.

     In the year 2001, we achieved ISO9001 certification and 2000 quality management system certification. In the year 2007, we achieved ISO14001 environmental management system certification. These certifications indicate that our company has already stepped into the group of international standard operation enterprises. 亚博app 官网_亚博网_亚博体育下载appios is one of the first companies awarded as “Hi-Tech Enterprise” by the Dalian government. We were chosen to be an“Independent Innovation Excellent Enterprise” by Liaoning government in 2006. Identified as Liaoning Enterprise Technology Center in 2014. Identified as Dalian Industrial Design Center in 2014 .

We  Will

亚博app 官网_亚博网_亚博体育下载appios in future will implement core business of high end diversification by continuous virtuous innovation.

亚博app 官网_亚博网_亚博体育下载appios in future will build perfect career planning platform for employees with humanized system.

亚博app 官网_亚博网_亚博体育下载appios in future will lead new development of the industry and create a new pattern of international market with specific core competences.